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Monday, December 22, 2014

Weight Management by the Simplest Way

Posted by William on November 24, 2009

It is a sad fact of life that everyone knows: stop dieting, and you regain the weight you lost.

The way medical science works, of course, is to help you lose weight as long as you continue buying prescription drugs at a big cost to you. Once you are off the medications, your appetite rebounds, and you are ready to begin eating all that you need to regain the lost weight and even more! The good thing is, you may be able to maintain the weight loss by simply making minor adjustments to your physical environment.

For some of us, just a glance at the box of food and our hunger is triggered.

Your appetite increases if you see food in a box that is long and tall just sitting on a shelf, although scientists have never determined what the reasons are. If you store the box on its side, or if you take your food out of the container and store it in plastic bags or short glass jars, it will suppress your hunger. Even if all you see is the nutrition labels, your appetite is activated most any time you see a row of boxes sitting on a shelf.

But, perhaps you have the Homer Simpson reaction to doughnuts. It is no accident that those round, tasty fried treats look so good. Round is like the shape of our eyes. Our field of vision is completely filled by a round object. Our mind focuses on food when we look at something good to eat such as cake, a doughnut, or a bowl of ice cream.

The story has a moral. If you don’t see it, you don’t want it. When you come home from food shopping, don’t linger; put everything in the cupboards as quick as possible, then shut the doors, and quickly store the perishables in the refrigerator.

However, if you are among the tens of millions of dieters who must store food where they can’t see it or they will lose their self-control, don’t get down on yourself. Presently scientific studies suggest that whether or not your thoughts are focused on food has little or no effect on your appetite without other factors. Sometimes you find yourself dwelling on a particular food. What you need to do to maintain your self-control is find a substitute, a completely different type of food you also like and would eat anyways (so instead of focusing on pizza substitute a chocolate chip cookie).

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