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Monday, December 22, 2014

The new technology is ready for you. Part 2

Posted by William on May 23, 2012

One of the functions I’ll enjoy the most in FitnessWorld will be the InfoExchanges (or forums, or message boards — identified on the map by the push pin in the corner). Fitness centers are widely scattered, which isolates the decision makers from one another. At the local level, it may be awkward to share business talk with someone who is your competitor, and those farther away whom you consider to be helpful colleagues are not easy to reach. But, in the forums, you can post questions, comments, ideas or issues for people like you to read and respond to. These are people who understand and appreciate what you are dealing with. You usually have to take time out and travel to a convention to have this kind of communication. Now, you can have it day-to-day, as the need arises.

Since the new technology is ready for you, you should not have to work hard to make use of it. To get connected to your colleagues throughout the world, it’s the first step that takes perhaps a couple of hours of effort. You need only your computer, a modem, a connection to the Internet, and Web browser software (see page 24 for help with this). You can use any telephone line (if your fax isn’t busy a lot, you could share that line).

Once you are hooked up, just type in FitnessWorld’s address “” (without the quotes) on the Goto line of your browser, hit return and sit back while FitnessWorld is brought to your screen. From there it’s just a matter of clicking on the names or graphics that indicate where you want to go.

I’d like to tell you that this always works quickly and reliably just at the instant you want to connect. In reality, there are times when patience is required, as millions of other people have realized that the World Wide Web is a useful or fun place to be. I have found in my area that it’s hard to make the local phone connection to the Internet from the time people start getting home from work until well after the supper hour. Now, I’ve picked some good hours in the morning or during the business day. So, don’t give up. You’ll find it ready for you.

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