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Monday, December 22, 2014

The new technology is ready for you. Part 1

Posted by William on May 23, 2012

Don’t ask me if I am ready for the new technology. That’s a burdensome, if not downright scary, question. There’s so much going on “out there” and so much hype about “cyberspace” and the “information superhighway” that it makes the mind want to look for a quiet place where it can think familiar, comforting thoughts. So, don’t ask me if I am ready for the new technology; just tell me when the new technology is ready for me!

When the new technology is ready for me, it will do something that I want done. It will do it faster, or cheaper, or more entertainingly, or more effectively, or more conveniently, or all of the above. If I am going to have to learn something new, there had better be a payoff that makes it worth the effort. I am no fool, and neither are you.

We thought you, as a fitness professional might feel that way. Not a lot of fitness facilities are plugged into the Internet. They’ve had little reason to be, unless someone there has a special interest in the Net, is connected to an academic institution or is situated in a very high-tech market where a lot of potential customers communicate by email. We could say, “Get ready for the new information technology; get connected to the Internet.” And, you could say, “Fat chance!”

So, Fitness Management has taken the first step: to get the new information technology ready for you. That readiness takes the form of FitnessWorld, a virtual “world” of places to receive and exchange all the kinds of information that one might need to manage their fitness facility and their professional career. It is also connected to a real “world” of users through the Internet’s World Wide Web.

Since FitnessWorld is as diverse as your business needs, it is not easily described on paper. Short of navigating through it on your desktop computer, the User’s Map on pages 34-35 is the next-best overview of what’s there. There are a great many ways you could use it, and a few are spelled out on pages 33-36.

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