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Monday, December 22, 2014

The Company Christmas Party

Posted by William on August 15, 2011

We’ve entered into the month of December. In addition to that special day on the 25th, this is the month for company Christmas parties. I’ve already had the opportunity to take in a couple of Christmas parties this year, and I am amazed at how much time, effort and expense some people will go to in order to look absolutely stunning for the Christmas party.

I have seen men with tuxedos, women with beautiful cocktail dresses, men and women with incredible hairstyles and overall just a real feeling of accomplishment in looking good.

Something happens when we dress up. We seem to carry ourselves with more poise and confidence than ever before. Our kindness and manners come out a little stronger. We seem to be more courteous and gentle in our mannerisms and we seem to carry this air of dignity and class.

Then, unfortunately for some, the bar opens and the shine wears off of the effort because they are so drunk that some are barely able to stand. From class to the gutter in just a couple of drinks.

This got me to thinking.

People are just like Christmas presents. Sometimes, the present that looks stunning because of the wrapping on it may be a pair of oven mitts. Sometimes the gift wrapped in newspaper is a diamond.

I’ve learned that it’s not so much in how we decorate ourselves, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Some may spend a whole day preparing themselves to look attractive, and yet the only thing that others will remember is how they acted with a few too many in their system.

This really is the truth in how others perceive us. It’s not so much in how we look, but in what we do.

If we are not prepared to treat ourselves with class and respect, how can we expect others to treat us in this way?

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t drink, because that’s an individual choice. However, I am saying that how we conduct ourselves is the lasting impression that others will have of us. I know this because I have been the talk of past Christmas parties too. It only took a few hangovers and particularly embarrassing incidents to understand that I create my environment.

I am the only one who has any kind of control of what others say about me, because I create the situations on which others will pass judgment. If I respect myself then I can respect others and in so doing will I be respected.

Christmas is a time of sharing and caring. So feel free to share a few drinks, a few good stories, a few laughs and care about those who are close to you. Care about yourself and you won’t have to care about the lasting impression you will leave with others.

Christmas is a time of peace. And peace begins inside.

Feel good and be good and you will look good, especially to yourselves.

Feel free to carry yourself with poise and confidence. Let your kindness and manners come out a little stronger. Allow yourself to be more courteous and gentle in your mannerisms. You will have given yourself the best Christmas presents of all: dignity and class.

Have a safe Christmas season.

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