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Monday, December 22, 2014

Teen-age sexuality. Part 2

Posted by William on October 22, 2012

Discuss contraception and sexually transmitted diseases frankly. Be sure your child understands your feelings and works to form his or her own attitudes on abortion, contraception and teen-age pregnancy. WAIT! There is more to read… read on »

Bigger Babies, Smarter Babies? Part 1

Posted by William on October 4, 2012

Pregnancy is a time of unparalleled growth, when the curves of a woman’s figure become exaggerated, and her womb expands several times its normal size to make room for the life taking shape inside. While some women barely tip the scales over the course of nine months, others lug around dozens of extra pounds, and some nearly double their pre-pregnancy weight. WAIT! There is more to read… read on »

How can I Help Premature Twins?

Posted by William on July 11, 2012

Premature infants born four months early (or at 28 weeks of pregnancy) can experience a number of problems because of their prematurity and interrupted growth and development. WAIT! There is more to read… read on »

Old Wives’ Tales of Contraception

Posted by William on June 13, 2012

Men and women of many civilizations practiced birth control of one kind or another throughout the centuries, according to Joseph Feldman, director of education and counseling at Planned Parenthood of Central and Northern Arizona in Phoenix. WAIT! There is more to read… read on »

Week 12

Posted by William on September 6, 2011

In your 12th week of pregnancy, your fetus is 10 weeks old.

The fetus is about 60 millimeters long, or nearly 2 1/2 inches. He or she weighs roughly 0.4 ounce, or approximately 11 grams.

WAIT! There is more to read… read on »

The Goods on Green Tea Post 3

Posted by William on August 3, 2011

How Much Should I Take?

Drink green tea on a regular basis, preferably several times per day, to get the best health benefits. Consuming more than five cups per day may actually increase your odds for pancreatic cancer. One to four cups a day is probably just right. One cup of green tea contains from 100-200 mg. of EGCG. If you don’t like the taste of tea or want to avoid the caffeine, green tea extracts and supplements are available in pharmacies and health food stores. A 250-milligram capsule of the brand Tegreen contains about the same amount of EGCG as four cups of green tea. WAIT! There is more to read… read on »