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Monday, December 22, 2014

Grieving for Mother. Part 2

Posted by William on June 7, 2012

The pain in her hip was so intense I had to take my two children and move in with her to help her. Within two weeks she was told she had grapefruit size tumors on both hips, tumors in the pelvis, lung, spine and thigh. She underwent more chemo and radiation. The doctor gave her at least a year, and she made it until Feb. 16. WAIT! There is more to read… read on »

Stand Up Straight and Ease Jaw Pain

Posted by William on September 29, 2011

Researchers in Texas asked 30 people with the disorder to do posture training exercises along with traditional pain management techniques and the results were positive. More than half of the study participants experienced a 40% reduction in TMD symptoms and a 38% reduction in neck pain. WAIT! There is more to read… read on »

Is This Tennis Elbow

Posted by William on July 6, 2011

Q.For the last few weeks I have had a sharp pain in my left elbow. It hurts to lift things, and when I press on the elbow it also hurts. Could this be tennis elbow? What else might it be? And what should I do about it? WAIT! There is more to read… read on »

Jack Post 1

Posted by William on February 11, 2011

First, let me say that I am so glad to have gone through this a second time! The whole process is just so much more familiar and less freaky than the first time. From the moment we arrived at the hospital, we were just relaxed and I guess – ready… it’s so nice to know it can be that way.

WAIT! There is more to read… read on »