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Monday, December 22, 2014

Beak Lesions

Posted by William on March 4, 2011

My parakeet has a fungus or something growing on his beak and around his eyes. It seems to be spreading. What should I do?

Several things can cause proliferative lesions on pet parakeets. But in my experience the most common cause of such lesions on the face are Knemidokoptes mites, commonly called scaley face or leg mites. The typical Knemidokoptes mite infestation appears as thickened, crusty, honeycomb-type lesions around the bird’s beak, eyes, cere (the enlarged area at the base of the bill), and feet. Another possible culprit: Myialges mites, which can cause crusting and flaking on parakeets, usually at the top of the bird’s head.

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