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Monday, December 22, 2014

Your Son and Puberty

Posted by William on May 14, 2012

Your 14-year-old son has always been healthy. Last fall’s jacket is now too short, and you notice his voice is lower too. But he’s a head shorter than his best friend of the same age, and he’s wondering when he’s going to get tall. What can you and he expect? WAIT! There is more to read… read on »

Street-smart advice from the capital-crazy world of venture finance

Posted by William on July 22, 2011

At a time when the Internet seems to have changed nearly everything about the fundamentals of business, one rule remains a constant in this booming, gold-rush era of the startup – people. You need fabulously bright, driven individuals who understand the industries they are trying to tackle. Some bring that understanding to the table when they start. Others gain it after they dive in. WAIT! There is more to read… read on »