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Monday, December 22, 2014

Some Allied Benefits

Posted by William on January 19, 2012

A well-managed boot camp program can provide valuable new revenue, increased participation and variety to your group exercise program, potential new members and a unique esprit de corps among participants. There are other benefits as well, such as increasing exposure to other profit centers in your club. Gold’s offers an initial consultation with a dietitian and free sessions with a personal trainer as incentives for people to sign up for boot camp. The team spirit can also result in merchandising opportunities for items such as T-shirts, water bottles and other pro shop supplies with distinctive boot camp logos.

Evaluating the program

There are a number of ways to evaluate the success of your boot camp program. Standard measures such as usage, retention and new sign ups are helpful, but membership feedback is the most powerful.

Get feedback through surveys or informal discussions with members. Pre- and post-testing for measures of percent body fat, performance, etc., can give verifiable results for goal-oriented members. Organized social gatherings can also be a measure of success.

Since many people join this type of class for the group interaction, a well-attended out-of-class get-together is a good sign.

The new millennium will bring many changes to the traditional group exercise schedule. With careful planning, management and instructor selection, boot camp classes could be a worthwhile addition to your club’s program.

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