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Monday, December 22, 2014

Nurture Your Creative Self Post 2

Posted by William on August 27, 2011

Whether you are creative with driving, cooking, or anything else, it works the same part of your brain. Look through your cookbooks and try something new tonight or this weekend. Cook Chinese or Mexican and go all out. Work your brain a bit. Do something new, different or original.

Visit rose gardens, or garden shows. Try an art gallery or exhibit. Go on home tours. Visit a historic site. Do anything that will get you away from the left brain dominance and allow your creative side to see, and judge, synthesize and work itself.

Rearrange to Take Advantage of Creative Times: Most creative people work best early in the morning before the disruptions interrupt the flow. Whether it is writing or art work, see if you can free up time in the morning before the real activity starts for your creative efforts. Of course there is always the draw to doing all the errands and getting them done before you do your creative endeavors, but 2 hours in the afternoon after your mind has been scattered all day is not equal to 2 hours in the morning.

Renew Creative Friendships: If you work in a hard driving left brain environment all day, those same co-workers are unlikely to help nurture your creativity. Look through your friendships for a creative friend. Her creativity does not have to be in the same arena as yours. Remember creative energies transfer. Call that person up and go have a cup of latte or whatever. See what she has been up to. It will spark something in you. Put in the energy and maintain those relationships, as you will feed off each other.

The other side of this is to let go of or reduce contact with people who are harmful to your creative self. Someone else doesn’t have to be creative to respect your need for creative space. If you have those partners, or friends who find your need for “space” threatening, and therefore constantly violate your needs, re-evaluate what is important to you. You may have to make some serious decisions.

Use Exercise as a Tool: Many writers find they get their creative ideas as they walk. Particularly if you have a noisy household, a brisk walk can provide yourself with solitude among others. Treat yourself to a walk on the beach. Sit on a boulder.

Take the time and make the effort to allow your creative side to come out. Depending on your locale, I always found walking where there are the “painted ladies” or Victorians does something to put one’s mind in another space. Whatever your likes, and whatever is available in your area, walk where the surroundings are nurturing to your soul.

In the age of instant access, creativity will not be pushed or pulled. Your right brain is stubborn enough to resist demands for output. Creativity like any other part of you responds to nurturing, soothing and a serene or peaceful environment. See if you can take a long look at your current lifestyle and re-arrange a bit so your creativity emerges from its den.

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