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Monday, December 22, 2014

Nurture Your Creative Self Post 1

Posted by William on August 22, 2011

Not all of us can be Picasso or Beethoven, but we all have a right brain that is capable of creative thinking. What happens with many of us is that all the chaos, schedules, and instant hurried transactions of daily life leave the right brain starved for what it needs.

The right brain is random, intuitive, holistic, subjective and looks at wholes. The left brain is logical, sequential, rational, analytical, objective and looks at parts. Think of your typical rushed day, looking at clocks and filling your daily planner, rushing the kids to their next commitment. Your day is predominantly a left brain day. You couldn’t survive without the old left part pumping at full speed. Then we wonder why the right brain part just doesn’t pop up on demand and do its job at 10:13 a.m. Your creative side is like a lover. You can’t expect it to be there ready to go when you haven’t paid attention to it along the way.

Your creativity is not gone, like the lover would be, but it is most likely dormant, curled up in hibernation, or weak from disuse. Awakening your creativity is not an instant process. You don’t press the “on” button and expect creative windows to open. Yet, you can start now to create more balance — right/left brain balance — in your life and nurture your hidden energies.

Quiet Your Environment and Yourself: Leave all the distractions at work. Take a day or a weekend and don’t answer the phone. Leave the answering machine on for emergencies. Turn off the pager. Put away the cell phone. Hide your daily planner. Put the Palm Pilot in the drawer. Return to a time when disruptions were not the norm. Go even further. Turn off the TV and the stereo. You say you cannot do it with kids? You can, and it would be a great exercise for them to try to survive a weekend without electronic games, TV, videos and so forth. Quiet is the friend of creativity. Revamp your living environment and see if you can reduce the constant intrusions of noise and outside elements.

If you don’t have control of your environment, which should raise some questions in your mind about your lifestyle, seek out an alternative environment. Some writers find solitude in Barnes and Noble, or Borders curled up on a couch. Others find a favorite coffee house or shop with a nice corner. And there is always the good old library. If the weather is nice, go to the park. Or even a playground. Sometimes you can find more solitude in the midst of others.

Creativity is Transferable: When you free up your right brain to work in one area, it is ready to work in another. When you ride home, even from the store, you probably take a main artery or route. Next time see if there is a nicer more soothing route that feeds your senses. When I come home from shopping, I have a choice of your standard six lane thoroughfare with lights every couple of blocks, but now I take a different route. Speed limit is 25 mph and it goes through the historic part of town with huge Victorians and massive oak trees forming a canopy. The main route is jarring to my sensitivity, the other way is soothing. Be creative with your trips.

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