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Monday, December 22, 2014

Motivation. Part 3

Posted by William on April 19, 2012

The case for fat accumulation goes even further than the simple cosmetic application. Increases in body fat and concurrent decreases in lean tissue are the single most relevant factor in the decrease in metabolic rate. In simple terms, this degeneration “slows down” all body activities. “Slowing down” is absolutely correspondent to the “aging” process. It is also associated to the lack of vigor and negative attitude and a number of the other factors which were previously mentioned as components related to aging.

Another trait which is very commonly a sign of aging is that of wrinkled or poorly supported or toned skin. Certainly some aspects of this condition are genetically predetermined or behaviorally induced by drinking (alcohol), smoking and excessive exposure to the sun. However, some of the supporting element of the skin has much to do with the tone of the musculature underlying the areas of the body in question.

What these and other common visible signs of aging have in common is that they are, to a large extent, controllable, within genetic limitations, through the application of sensible fitness and exercise practices. Certainly the case does not have to be made for the benefits of exercise and sound nutrition with regard to muscle fitness and fat control.

No, youth doesn’t last forever and it is foolish to wish upon that star but the gratification of looking and feeling robust and healthy is not the restricted privilege of the young. It’s a right that we all can preserve for many years beyond that which is commonly accepted. It’s up to you!

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