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Monday, December 22, 2014

Motivation. Part 2

Posted by William on April 19, 2012

Chronic behaviors, i.e. lifestyle practices dictate the body’s condition more than any other factor in the normally healthy adult. The human body responds consistently to the influences of diet, exercise, rest, relaxation and response to stress. That constant response continues well into the seventh and eighth decades of life.

While it is unrealistic to assume that no changes will occur as a result of the duration of our exposure to external stimuli such as sunlight, gravity, chemicals in the air and in our food and water, it is just as simplistic to assume that we have no control over the rest of our lives.

Certain physical characteristics are associated with the appearance of aging and some of these are absolutely controllable to a great extent. Primary among the apparent or cosmetic signs of aging is the accumulation of body fat. There is probably no more age related physical degeneration related to the appearance of aging than the loss of lean (muscle) tissue and the accumulation of body fat.

Think of every high school or college reunion you’ve ever attended and recall what the most obvious change in your classmates has been. In almost all cases everyone has gained weight (fat) and to the extent that some individuals have maintained their former status, they are considered not to “have changed” or gotten older looking.

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