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Monday, December 22, 2014

Motivation. Part 1

Posted by William on April 19, 2012

At times it is difficult to assess the specific motivation for various activities. In the case of the magnified interest in fitness, there is an apparent obsession with youth. If one were to be objective, this fascination could be categorized as is either naturally dictated or socially influenced or some combination of the two.

Is there something destructive or unrealistic about yearning for those attributes associated with youth or have we simply accepted the degenerative ravages of our modern, mechanized lifestyles as being a normal process? Those questions are not simply addressed or answered but some balanced understanding of the issues might offer some practical direction.

The characteristics which we affiliate with youth include vigor, enthusiasm, physical activity, lean and flexible body images and a positive psychological outlook. As our social and financial responsibilities increase it appears that our “natural” inclinations to sustain these “youthful” attributes diminish in some manner.

The point is that much of our physical decline attributed to an aging process can be directly related to external (to our physiology) influences. Certainly much of the degeneration and a significant aspect of the rate of aging have very little to do with the calendar.

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