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Monday, December 22, 2014

Men, Sex and ED

Posted by William on October 29, 2009


Men tend to think intimacy and sex are one in the same. Of course, sex is one type of intimacy. However if a male desires intimacy, does this mean he wants to have sex? Do men realize there are other forms of intimacy? A last thought to consider is whether some people use sex as a method of hiding from intimate relationships.

Surely, some males can have intimacy without having sex. Some men say that sex is not necessary to be intimate, also. There are many men who still think that sexual relationships are the same as intimacy with their partners.

It is usually when they are in a relationship that most men experience sexual issues, but it stems from misconceived ideas they’ve learned as early as childhood. It is hard to find a man who will talk about it; they consider it something that identifies them as a man. For quite some time now, feminist colleagues have been voicing concerns about abuse of authority from men. Men are taught to have aggression and dominance in all areas of their lifestyle, from their jobs and in their bedrooms also. They are not willing to give up the power most of the time.


Even as women were being supported in their desire to more openly express their sexual wants and desires, men were learning, often painfully, that their sexual prowess was not always exactly what they assumed it was. During the last two decades, more men have been reported to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Some people think that premature ejaculation and impotence happens more often now because of the stress from female’s current sexual attitudes and beliefs, but other people think that men are being more bold when it comes to speaking about these problems.

During their formative years, many men have heard conflicting views about what their sexual roles should be. Such conflict often makes the individual anxious and depressed, which some men try to “fix” using methods, such as having an affair, that simply makes things worse.


Not being able to get or keep an erection for sexual fulfillment is a basic definition for erectile dysfunction. Impotence is another way to refer to erectile dysfunction. Numerous males, everywhere in the world in all social classes, are troubled with erectile dysfunction. Prostate troubles are the foundation of many situations where there is erectile dysfunction. When it pertains to erectile dysfunction, your physician can assist you in finding out the precise reason for your problem.


The treatment for each person’s erectile dysfunction will be different. To decide on a treatment, you must first look at the problem. Medicine and therapy might be used to assist people to deal with their psychological troubles. Most often, in these cases, sexual therapy is suggested. A typical period of sex therapy will vary from six to twelve weeks and might be helpful with your specific situation.

Drugs such as PDE5 inhibitors are often prescribed, as they boost the blood flow to the penis. You might want to think about trying Viagra. Currently the new drug on the block, Levitra, is more popular. Levitra has been show to give 65% to 82% of males an erection for a longer time. You doctor has the ability to diagnose your specific condition and offer the right answer. Don’t begin to use medicine unless a doctor has examined you.

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