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Monday, December 22, 2014

Making the Transition

Posted by William on December 21, 2010

Most experts recommend that new mothers stay home for at least two months after the baby is born. If possible, three to six months or longer is even better. But whenever the time comes for mom to return to work, remember that practice and preparation will make the transition a lot easier. It’s important that working moms are comfortable with their breast pumps, and babies with their bottles or cups (depending on how old the baby is), before mom goes back to work.

Someone other than mom should do the bottle-feeding so that the baby will continue to associate breastfeeding with mom. Both pumping (or expressing milk by hand) and bottle-feeding should be practiced for several weeks before your return to work.

Don’t be surprised if it’s “difficult” to get your baby used to a bottle. This does not signal “bad” behavior on the baby’s part. Babies can tell the difference between the breast and the bottle, and they’re often not afraid to show their preference for the breast, which is more comforting and desirable to them. Be patient, and think about why your baby is having difficulties adjusting — she’s smart, not stubborn!

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