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Monday, December 22, 2014

Living With a Smoker

Posted by William on March 26, 2012

Living with someone who smokes can make quitting more difficult. That’s because one of the main challenges you face when trying to quit is avoiding any temptation to smoke. When you see someone else smoking, not only do you think about smoking more, you are tempted to have a puff or two. Seeing all of the matches, lighters and ashtrays doesn’t help either. Add the smell of a burning cigarette, and you have the setup for a possible relapse.

So how do you live with someone who smokes? First, try to get that person to become a supporter. Tell him or her that you really want to quit successfully and that it’s going to take a lot of hard work. Tell the person that support can make quitting go more smoothly and make you more likely to quit for good.

The main thing not to do is to try to get the person to quit with you (unless he or she wants to). You know how irritating it can be when someone pressures you into trying to quit when you aren’t ready. As long as you ask for help without making the other person feel threatened, you will most likely get lots of support. Be sure to be cordial and thankful. Remember, you are asking for a big favor.

Here are some very specific suggestions you can make:

Ask the person to smoke outside when you are home.
Ask the person to put away all ashtrays and lighters.
Ask the person to keep all cigarettes out of your sight.
Ask the person to help create smoking and nonsmoking zones within your home.
Ask that the person not offer you any cigarettes.
Ask that the person not smoke when driving with you.
Ask the person not to ask you to buy cigarettes for them.
Some of these things will be easier to convince someone to do than others. For example, most people will agree to put their ashtrays and lighters in a drawer for you, but you may have a hard time convincing someone to smoke outside when you are home. Try letting the person know that the smell of cigarettes is a big trigger for you. Make sure it’s clear that you are asking for a favor. By not making any demands you are more likely to gain that person’s support.

Quit Tip: If someone refuses to go outside to smoke, propose that there be one room in the home that’s the designated smoking room. If that doesn’t work, suggest that there be some smoke-free zones in the house.

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