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Monday, December 22, 2014

Jack Post 2

Posted by William on February 18, 2011

As soon as she left, I felt a slight twinge of pressure (again, much “deader” down there than last time), and told John we’d let her know when she came back in 10-25 minutes later. She came in, checked me, and said, “It’s showtime! Let’s have a baby.” They rigged up the stirrups and we started pushing — again, it was much more on instinct and recall this time, because I could hardly feel a thing. (And I didn’t like that.) I was also thinking that I was either (a) pushing out every blood vessel in my head and/or (b) going to have the worst hemorrhoids in history.

But, four contractions later, the doctor said, “The hair is delivering before the baby!” So naturally I thought it was a girl. Then the nurse said, “Here he comes!” so I thought it was a boy. (Although since then people have told me that some doctors and nurses always refer to babies regardless of gender as “he” or “she.”) Then I leaned down and saw a headful of black hair delivering up toward the doctor. Next we saw his body emerge — and they said, “It’s a boy!” They placed him on my chest and let him stay there for several minutes while we marveled at the whole process once again. John was especially misty.

Jack’s Apgars were 8 and 9, he was all rosy and just wide awake and alert right away. Another (wonderful) difference from last time — Nicholas was gray coming out and had to be put under oxygen, etc. Delivery time: 9:04pm.

I was holding him when I started to feel kind of odd. I was shaking (which I know, or at least have read, is a normal post-partum symptom) pretty badly and asked John to hold Jack. Then I started hyperventilating quite a bit, and just didn’t feel right — we started having an “ER” moment. (“BP is dropping…”) I got an oxygen mask, which helped a little bit, but not enough… I closed my eyes and tried to block out some of the fear I was having. Meantime they were pumping me with glucose and God only knows what else to get my blood pressure back up.

It took about an hour (I think) before I was not white as a sheet (the anesthesiologist’s words) and feeling somewhat back to normal. That was probably the scariest part, but in the grand scheme of things not too threatening. The OB also told me I was bleeding a little more than normal, and so I’ve been put on some stricter orders about stairs, etc. (There’s a medical term for what happened — it’s heart-related — but I can’t remember what it is , begins with a “V…”)

Got to my recovery room (once again after midnight, but the previous day counted as my first — darn!) and they did all sorts of evaluations on Jack. We got off to a much better nursing start, though I have to say that I got another binder-clip-like-latcher! It’s not fair! He looks so much like Nicholas did as a newborn, it’s uncanny.

And they nurse the same :-( But we’re still at it, and maybe I’m just resigned to my pain, but I can say that I’m producing fine and he’s doing the best he can latch-wise. (I tried to cut him off at the pass before we came home, and not establish a bad habit, but it didn’t really work!) I paid an extra night’s stay at the hospital ($75) and went home Wednesday morning.

We’ve been looking at his baby pictures and he tells me the photo album is “a book you can read about you and your family.” Probably the funniest quote so far was when he was eyeing me nursing Jack and said, “There’s milk in there?” as if I’d been guarding the secret from him! I told him yes, and that he used to nurse that way too. It cracked me up! Only once he’s asked me to “put the baby down” — otherwise he’s been pretty cool about the whole thing.

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