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Monday, December 22, 2014

Jack Post 1

Posted by William on February 11, 2011

First, let me say that I am so glad to have gone through this a second time! The whole process is just so much more familiar and less freaky than the first time. From the moment we arrived at the hospital, we were just relaxed and I guess – ready… it’s so nice to know it can be that way.

I was scheduled for induction on Thursday September 14th… but was really hoping to avoid it. On Saturday (the 9th) I said to John, “Let’s go for a walk.” He thought I was somewhat crazy, since I was barely getting around, but off we went around our neighborhood. We probably walked only 1.5 miles, but it was a lot more than I’d been doing.

At about 4:00am on Sunday, I woke up feeling like I was having very mild contractions. First I snuck a NutriGrain bar because I remembered how famished I was by the end of my last labor and deliver! Then I started peeking over John’s sleeping life form to try to estimate the timing, and by 4:30am thought they were 5-6 minutes apart. Our instructions being to come to the hospital at longer apart than that, I woke John up, and he naturally went into freak out mode — “What? We were supposed to go at 7-8 minutes!!! I said, “I was sleeping!” Anyway, I hit the shower and got the “What are you doing, shaving your legs?” from my nervous-nellie husband, and got the bag ready. Fortunately (that’s an understatement) for us my parents were staying with us last weekend. I went into my parents’ room and said, “We’re going to the hospital.” My mom’s response? “For the baby?” I said, ‘No, to get stitches in my toe!” Anyway, we bid them farewell and were en route.

I timed my contractions on the way, they were under 5 minutes apart. I was admitted at 6:00am, and started walking some more! We walked the third floor a million times that day… My OB was not on call last weekend, so the on call from his practice came in to check on me. At 9:00am he broke my water, and we kept walking. Another cool difference from last time — they let me have all the fluids I wanted, including a decaf latte (sorry, it sounds so trivial, but it made me feel better) and juice.

The contractions became more painful, but I was doing fine, getting monitored every hour, and they were at about 2-3 minutes apart when — BAM! Back labor. Whoa. I thought I’d been doing great, managing with no pain medication, etc. but those stabbing-in-the-spine contractions really set me back.

I could not breathe through them successfully at all, and I was only at 2cm. I said to John, “I can’t go 8 more cm with these.” Epidural was put in around 4:30pm. I hated it! I loved it! Take your pick! It was great to alleviate the horrible back contractions, but this epidural was much stronger than the one I’d had with Nicholas, so I had very little sensation at all. With Nico, I could feel his descent, where to push, etc.

Anyway. The epidural, very much unlike last time, slowed down my contractions. By around 6:00pm the doctor recommended a small amount of pitocin to speed things up. I consented, and the contractions picked back up. Meantime, we tried to rest and wondered why this labor was taking almost the same amount of time as my last one!!! (That 1/2 the time rule clearly didn’t apply — with Nicholas I got pitocin nearly right away and my epidural much later (only three hours before delivery), which sped things up — so things just aren’t always the same…) Finally we decided to turn on the TV, I couldn’t rest anymore. As we were watching the Emmys, the nurse casually mentioned that if I felt any rectal pressure I should let her know.

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