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Monday, December 22, 2014

Human Hormone Supplements Against Aging: Only Facts

Posted by William on October 7, 2009

The gradual decline of hormone levels in the body has more impact on the rate of aging than any other factor, assuming one has adjusted his/her lifestyle, diet and nutrition accordingly and independent of hereditary changes that occur as one ages.

Hormones in medicine have been used for over a century. But because death has always been viewed as an inevitable part of life, the medical community has dragged its feet in utilizing this knowledge to prevent and reverse aging. There are people who hold the belief that effects of aging are inevitable and that we shouldn’t stop the decline that eventually leads to death. These ideas of how to be and think are falling by the wayside.

Ask yourself a particular question: What age in your life did you feel your best, the most vital and the most optimistic? For many individuals, the answer is around 20 to 25. So wouldn’t it make sense to survey the current hormone levels in the body and use orthomolecular human hormones to supplement as necessary, so that your hormones would return to the levels you enjoyed during your early twenties? After you do this, it will take only several days before you start to feel better. In a matter of months you will be feeling the same way you did at that time in your life. After a few years you will start looking younger as well.

Of course, no one is suggesting that you’ll appear to be twenty years old again, however the removal of 10-20 years of what you had thought were the irreversible changes in aging appearance is a quite attainable goal.

These hormones, melatonin, DHEA, pregnenolone, estrogens, testosterone, as well as HGH (human growth hormone) all assist in the regulation of the rate at which we age as well as with mental and physical manifestations of aging; note that each of these items are now available in the marketplace. Because many people do not have accurate information about current products sold over the counter, they are not getting the optimal effects from these hormones. The goal is not to indiscriminately ingest hormones that you may not need, but rather to take the exact amount of supplements necessary to return your hormone levels to those you enjoyed when you were 20. Different hormones, like human estrogens produced naturally, as well as testosterone, can be obtained at this time if prescribed. But to receive the very best results, every one of the hormones needs to be tested before beginning supplementation, plus supplementation should be focused on providing optimal levels, not just simply very high levels. As for hormones, it isn’t good to not have enough, but having too much is worse.

This hormone replacement therapy is coming completely into its own; by itself it can cut the morbidity and mortality statistics about 50%. If you are serious about better overall health, you should ask your doctor to have adrenal, sex and thyroid hormone levels tested.

An issue is, of course, getting the correct doctor to order these exams. Many physicians still adhere to the philosophy of old in which aging was thought to be an inevitable process rather than a disease. Innumerable people have sought advice from their physicians regarding various maladies, only to hear, “Well, what do you expect? You are aging. You have to deal with it. Dying is something none of us can avoid!”

Optimally, you should screen your healthcare giver prior to arranging the initial consultation.

Human Growth Hormone

Along with the adrenal, sex and thyroid hormones, one additional hormone is quite important. It is actually the most critical one, having the most influence over the manifestations of aging, and that is human growth hormone, also referred to as HGH. HGH is secreted by a gland in the brain called the pituitary gland; this gland is responsible for regulating the entire hormone system of the body. Indeed, two-fifths of the anterior pituitary cells are of the “somatocytes” type which generate HGH. Depending on the numerous cells dedicated to the job, nature considers the creation of HGH to be very vital.

During childhood, HGH results in the growth of the long bones, thus it brings an individual to their final body height. It used to be that HGH was only thought to do that. Current research indicates every cell within the human body has HGH receptors, as well as that the HGH is doing many jobs in human metabolism within every organ in the human body. There are also receptors within the brain, the activation of which causes the production of endorphins, which are molecules that keep your mood upbeat and even. Soft skin like that of a child’s can be achieved through HGH, since it stimulates new growth of cells. The cells within the brain will respond by actually coming back to life (roughly 10% of the brain cells end up non-functional each with decade of living). Consequently, for Alzheimer’s disease HGH has become the most sought after treatment, even though no large double-blind clinical trials have been performed yet.

A predictable result of HGH deficiency is irritability, however when a person receives replacement therapy for it, there is reversion to a significant sense of well-being. The bone cells react by producing new bone and then osteoporosis reverses, however this effect needs two years or more for completion. The fat cells react by giving up their lives since they are burned up for energy. The extra pounds in your midsection, a sign that accompanies HGH shortages, disappear in a matter of months. The muscle cells will react by being stronger and larger, mostly in the upper body. The power and energy of youth comes back. As the ciliary muscles in the eyes become stronger, people are often able to read without the use of glasses.

With all the variety of functions it performs, HGH is by far the chief hormone that actuates physical mutations which we see as the process of aging. HGH levels decrease as you age. With the knowledge we have when it comes to HGH, it surely should be given a new name HVH: human vitality hormone.

Complete Hormone Restoration Therapy

The goal is to return your hormone levels to the time when you were around 20 years old. Since then your hormone levels most likely have been steadily decreasing. What many consider “normal aging” should really be referred to as “multiple degenerative disease.“ Why should you put up with the vast array of problems that aging brings if you don’t have to?

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