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Monday, December 22, 2014

How can I Help Premature Twins?

Posted by William on July 11, 2012

Premature infants born four months early (or at 28 weeks of pregnancy) can experience a number of problems because of their prematurity and interrupted growth and development.

They often must stay in the intensive care nursery for three months or longer, with problems relating to lung function, central nervous system, eating and development.
Premature twins present an even bigger challenge for their parents, because it seems that they will both want to be fed or held at the same time, and they are likely to develop the same “colds” and other illnesses at the same time, too. Premature infants are much more likely to develop problems with their first colds, often due to the virus called “RSV,” or respiratory syncytial virus.

Books which may help you in knowing how to manage the special challenges of premature infants and twins include:

“Your Premature Baby and Child,? by Amy E. Tracy and Dianne I. Maroney
“You Are Not Alone”
“The Joy of Twins,” by Pamela Patrick Novotny
You might also be interested in looking into the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Club, which you can access from the Internet.

Your pediatrician may be able to suggest a local support group for parents with twins or multiples, and also a support group for parents of premature infants.

The intensive care nursery that cared for your sons may also have a “followup” program, in which you might be able to have your sons’ development assessed and obtain other guidance about dealing with premature twins. I hope you’ll ask your pediatrician for suggestions for local resources.

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