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Monday, December 22, 2014

Hiking a Prescription for Health Post 3

Posted by William on September 21, 2011

Project LEAN (Leaders Encouraging Activity and Nutrition)
PHCA (Preventive Health Care for the Aging)
Breast Cancer Detection Programs
Nutrition Network for Active, Healthy Families
Healthy Cities and Communities, among others

All of these programs are aimed at the average sedentary person to motivate him or her, rather than to the few who are already fit. Hiking is a great exercise to endorse because almost anyone can be successful and have fun their first time out, as long as they choose a trail within their ability level. By providing more information to encourage trail use, people will begin to venture out and see for themselves how enjoyable it can be.

Health Providers Can Lend a Hand

Seeley, Amy Pendergast (Shasta County Public Health Department) and Helen Mahan (National Park Service, Rivers and Trails Program) encouraged the health and wellness communities (doctor’s offices, hospitals, insurance agencies and nursing homes) as well as schools; local businesses; local groups and agencies; city, county and state departments to get involved in trails and hiking events.

They said the wellness community can provide not only funding support but also distribution opportunities by allowing hiking groups to distribute flyers and trail maps to the patients either in waiting rooms or by adding hiking information to their mailings (patient invoices or newsletters).

Health providers can also contribute services such as copier rooms, graphics and other department help to print hiking information and trail maps for trail and hiking groups who may not have the money to print their own material. Hospitals often have an intimate link to their community and can help generate general community involvement. Hospitals may want to encourage staff to get involved by volunteering at the next trails event.

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