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Monday, December 22, 2014

Detox Patches – alternative medicine products

Posted by William on May 28, 2009

Today’s health care market is characterized by a wide variety of wellness programs and alternative medicine products. This is a response to the increasing awareness of environmental toxins, and the illnesses that result from them. Many ailments, especially in a person’s liver, are the result of the accumulation of harmful toxins over a large amount of time.

Detox Patches, or Sap Sheets, are one of the more interesting products in the market; their claim to fame is reducing body toxins. The main ingredients in these Detox Patches is a natural vinegar made from plants. These patches, placed on the soles of one’s feet, claim to absorb toxins and waste from the body. You will notice improvements in circulation and in your body’s metabolism.

Detox Patches were first developed by the Japanese. One of the primary tenets of Japanese medicine is that unimpeded blood circulation is crucial to people’s health and well being. Other beliefs are that disease results from imbalances in man’s constitution and surroundings.

Soles have the greatest number of capillary nerves in the whole body. The soles are the most closely tied to the internal organs, explaining why Detox Patches are applied to the soles. Dark and gooey marks will be visible on the patches after they’re removed; these are toxins. The marks of toxins become less visible with regular uses of the Detox Patches, meaning that a significant amount of the toxic waste has been absorbed. Use the patches on both feet for five nights in a row so the detoxification can be completed.

It’s much easier to inform oneself about health these days. Everyone should take an active role in maintaining personal wellness, which is made easier with alternative home remedy kits. We should all be vigilant in taking care of our bodies, to lessen our chance of acquiring an incurable disease. Compromise between alternative and conventional methods of medicine have created more options to for people to improve their health.

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