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Monday, December 22, 2014

Grieving for Mother. Part 2

Posted by William on June 7, 2012

The pain in her hip was so intense I had to take my two children and move in with her to help her. Within two weeks she was told she had grapefruit size tumors on both hips, tumors in the pelvis, lung, spine and thigh. She underwent more chemo and radiation. The doctor gave her at least a year, and she made it until Feb. 16. WAIT! There is more to read… read on »

Want To Try a New Tool?

Posted by William on February 22, 2010

Are you tired of hammering away at the same old projects? Not having any time for yourself?

In this article, you’ll read about how your timer can create space for your to-do list and for you to relax. Time can be your friend.


Here are way you can use the timer method in your day to day life.
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Medications Which Available Without a Prescription

Posted by William on August 14, 2009

There are many medications available without a prescription at the drugstore. Most affirm that they can cure your symptoms quickly and safely, whether it is an annoying cough, a runny nose or a bad case of indigestion. While over-the-counter medications can effectively deal with some symptoms, you should not assume that a drug is safe merely because you can get it without a prescription. Even a well known drug like Tylenol can lead to life-threatening liver failure if taken in excess. Hence, it is critical to know how to select the safest over the counter products. WAIT! There is more to read… read on »

Generic Medication Valtrex and Genital Herpes. Useful info

Posted by William on July 15, 2009

You may be perplexed and shocked to have been diagnosed with genital herpes, but this literature will help when your doctor prescribes Valtrex to you. Genital herpes is extremely treatable, but cannot be cured. Genital herpes can cause quite a few effects to your life, but it can be controlled.
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Detox Patches – alternative medicine products

Posted by William on May 28, 2009

Today’s health care market is characterized by a wide variety of wellness programs and alternative medicine products. This is a response to the increasing awareness of environmental toxins, and the illnesses that result from them. Many ailments, especially in a person’s liver, are the result of the accumulation of harmful toxins over a large amount of time.

Detox Patches, or Sap Sheets, are one of the more interesting products in the market; their claim to fame is reducing body toxins. The main ingredients in these Detox Patches is a natural vinegar made from plants. These patches, placed on the soles of one’s feet, claim to absorb toxins and waste from the body. You will notice improvements in circulation and in your body’s metabolism.

Detox Patches were first developed by the Japanese. One of the primary tenets of Japanese medicine is that unimpeded blood circulation is crucial to people’s health and well being. Other beliefs are that disease results from imbalances in man’s constitution and surroundings.
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HGH natural supplement pills against of aging symptoms

Posted by William on April 15, 2009

People think of getting older as a negative thing. Aging slows down nearly every aspect of the body’s processes. Today we are in a modern, scientific new age, and this includes the field of medicine. These days, medicine can help with every element of health care, and the aging process is no exception. Our company produces several different medicines that are good for counteracting the bodily symptoms of aging.

HGH supplement can help you drastically change your body for the better. This applies to bodily strength as well as physical capabilities. You will feel energized and more powerful with the use of these capsules. Men and women can both use these capsules and forget about any anxiety over aging.

It can make anyone feel more youthful and energetic. This supplement will improve every part of your body. There are hardly any health problems that can not be improved if you take these capsules. If your body is fat-laden, these capsules will make you leaner and more muscular.

You will find that the texture of your skin is enhanced and glowing when you use the capsules regularly. As we get older, our bones also get weaker. Your bones will become considerably stronger. This is a great help to women experiencing menopausal problems in middle age. WAIT! There is more to read… read on »

Bleaching treatments

Posted by William on October 8, 2008

You can never seem to get your smile as white and bright as the smiles you see on the models in your favorite magazine, no matter how diligent you are with your dental care. But there are several easy ways to accomplish a brighter and whiter smile.

There are several different options available to whiten your teeth. This article will give you an overview of the options and the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Dentist Office Treatments

Long lasting and highly effective advanced bleaching treatments can be administered in your dentist’s office. Ranging from $300 to $500, these treatments are quite expensive. If you can manage the cost, though, these treatments are more effective than most other methods.

Whitening Mouthwashes and Toothpastes

These treatments are not effective as dental office treatments, but they do produce results. However, you will not see the results right away. These treatments are most effective when trying to remove light to medium stains. As a preventative and maintenance measure, they work very well and they are also less costly than many other methods.

Whitening Strips

These days, just about all of the drug and grocery stores sell whitening strips, which can cost more than $40 depending on the quality. The less expensive strips work well when used continuously, while the higher-quality ones can provide results comparable to the results of a dental office treatment. You must apply the strips carefully to avoid developing visible stripes on your teeth. Increased tooth sensitivity may occur as a result of using whitening strips.

Brush-on Whitening Treatments

Brush-on treatments are a good option for people who are trying to whiten their teeth without spending a lot of money. A two-week kit is quite inexpensive, costing as little as $3 in some cases.  Applying the gel evenly on your teeth can be difficult, and this is a very messy method of whitening. These treatments can also cause the user to wake up with very bad breath due to the product’s ingredients.

A Change in Diet

By staying away from substances known to cause stains, you can reduce the amount of whitening your teeth require and prevent any further staining of your teeth, no matter which whitening method you select. Tobacco products, coffee, tea and soda should all be avoided in order to prevent discoloration and any additional staining of your teeth.

In your quest for a beautiful white smile, be aware that there are many methods at your fingertips. No matter which whitening method you choose, remember that a change of diet combined with regular visits to your dentist will help you maintain a whiter, brighter smile.


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