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Monday, December 22, 2014

B2Bs Meet Resistance to Change

Posted by William on May 31, 2011

Irecently had to help a five-year-old with a Web site called. His big brother had been at the site, and he had seen that it featured a cool on-line version of the popular Lego Soccer game. WAIT! There is more to read… read on »

Cash May be King But Post 2

Posted by William on April 6, 2011

But if cash is king, why is availability so important?
Availability is the extent to which you can pay operating expenses, meet payroll, purchase product, etc. In other words availability is a company‚Äôs “purchasing power”, which determines whether or not a company is going to be in business tomorrow. In many ways it does not matter what your bottom line looks like, whether you are extremely profitable or are awash in red ink. WAIT! There is more to read… read on »

Cash May be King But Post 1

Posted by William on March 30, 2011

Most people will tell you cash is king and they are right. Cash is probably your most precious asset and whether you have an abundance of cash or a lack of it, cash management is a key to staying a float. However, because of rapid growth in the computer technology channel, cash may take a back seat to availability in terms of actually running your business.

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Beak Lesions

Posted by William on March 4, 2011

My parakeet has a fungus or something growing on his beak and around his eyes. It seems to be spreading. What should I do?

Several things can cause proliferative lesions on pet parakeets. But in my experience the most common cause of such lesions on the face are Knemidokoptes mites, commonly called scaley face or leg mites. The typical Knemidokoptes mite infestation appears as thickened, crusty, honeycomb-type lesions around the bird’s beak, eyes, cere (the enlarged area at the base of the bill), and feet. Another possible culprit: Myialges mites, which can cause crusting and flaking on parakeets, usually at the top of the bird’s head.

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Oh, Sister

Posted by William on February 25, 2011

Families often worry about sibling rivalry, but what do we do to encourage sibling cooperation? These are just a few art-oriented suggestions for children to pursue together, with your supervision. Be sure to point out their cooperative efforts.

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Jack Post 2

Posted by William on February 18, 2011

As soon as she left, I felt a slight twinge of pressure (again, much “deader” down there than last time), and told John we’d let her know when she came back in 10-25 minutes later. She came in, checked me, and said, “It’s showtime! Let’s have a baby.” They rigged up the stirrups and we started pushing — again, it was much more on instinct and recall this time, because I could hardly feel a thing. (And I didn’t like that.) I was also thinking that I was either (a) pushing out every blood vessel in my head and/or (b) going to have the worst hemorrhoids in history.

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Jack Post 1

Posted by William on February 11, 2011

First, let me say that I am so glad to have gone through this a second time! The whole process is just so much more familiar and less freaky than the first time. From the moment we arrived at the hospital, we were just relaxed and I guess – ready… it’s so nice to know it can be that way.

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Know When to Say When

Posted by William on January 25, 2011

Dating is a mating ritual peculiar to the human species. Dogs don’t date. Dogs decide if a sexual relationship is worth pursuing without provision of food or entertainment merely by sniffing each others’ posteriors. Alas! Higher intelligence is not without its costs — and one of its costs appears to be that we women cannot fulfill our primal urges without tallying up hours in restaurants and debriefing strange men on their jobs, commutes and feelings about “Saving Private Ryan.”

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Posted by William on February 2, 2010

All relationships require constant change, learning, adaptation and variety to remain healthy. Wild herbs, raw fruits, organic vegetables, grasses and algae, their juices, fragrances and teas have been used since biblical times when the Greeks swore by their many tried and true ahprodisiac and skin rejuvenating potencies. Today a man’s sexual appetite and drive, although complex, is influenced by many nutritional, physical, emotional, environmental and functional factors. WAIT! There is more to read… read on »

Men, Sex and ED

Posted by William on October 29, 2009


Men tend to think intimacy and sex are one in the same. Of course, sex is one type of intimacy. However if a male desires intimacy, does this mean he wants to have sex? Do men realize there are other forms of intimacy? A last thought to consider is whether some people use sex as a method of hiding from intimate relationships.
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